Katonah Yoga understands the body as a map, a topographical landscape that shall be discovered:
We combine a classical Hatha Yoga approach to look at a body combined with Daoist theory, geometry, magic, metaphor and imagination.
With Everyday Hero we always offer a combination of insight and movement. So you will get:
- An understanding of how a body can be read
- The physical experience of practices to care for your own territory
- Philosophical insights to weave your innate intelligence into this body


Get a deeper understanding of our offerings in our online program “Recipes to master crisis”.
We deliver Yogic talks, Asana practices and work sheets for self inquiry. Buy the prerecorded course as a whole bundle or get your favorite chapter separately.

Tuesday, October 12th — 18:00-19:15

The body as a map: Yogic navigation tools for more insight in the gritty chaos of a modern life. Body reading, Yoga asana, Yoga philosophy for a modern life.

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